Friday, February 4, 2011

My first award!

Not too long ago, a certain college "friend" got married...and, Megs and I being the stalkers we are are really good at loving people from a distance.  Megs has been bugging me (in a really nice, loving, and sweet friendly way OBV) to send her pictures.  Our first attempt at picture viewing failed since accessing someone else's FaceBook is about as easy as walking through the doors of the Pentagon naked with bombs covering the important parts.  So yesterday, Megs resorted to bribery offering me something in return for the pictures...a "surprise"...I like surprises :)
I carefully selected my "favorite" pictures, click click boom...where's my surprise biotch????

To reward my efforts I received the following...
An email that reads as follows... "umm she looks old.  She doesn't look like she lost that much weight.  She looks orange.  I hate the flowers.  That is all"  {Have I mentioned how much I adore this girl??}

And this!
My first blog award!!!!
What a good surprise!

Ok, so here are the rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award

2. Post 7 facts about yourself

3. Award 15 bloggers

1. THANK YOU Megs!!  You inspired me to blog, and you are my motivation to get in shape and rip shit up in Vegas in 10 short months!!  We have such a wonderful friendship that has been tested many times and still survived...everytime I listen to NSYNC or use highlighters I think of you, as well as when I get "migraines", think about "coitus", run into something, or get hit with a blast of cold water!  The #2 button on elevators also brings back fond memories.  :)  LOVE YOU!

Now for some facts about lil ole me...
1.  I LOVE birds, and much that I now have 3 bird tattoos!
2.  I'm a godmother to the sweetest little sugar in the world  :)  She sings me songs, licks playdoh, and says "peace out"...what's not to love?!
3.  I drive a toaster.
4.  I am a military wife  :)  and when military wives say "for better or worse", boy do we mean it.
5.  I cuss like a sailor, and can drink like a fish, but being in love and having a wonderful home and family of my own mean everything in the world to me....just call me the tipsy housewife 
6.  Moving across the country was THE single hardest thing I've done in my life, but surviving it meant I found some of the most beautiful friendships I've ever had.
7.  Applesauce, string cheese, and wine make up 75% of my diet.

Now to award bloggers....since I'm so new to this...I am not sure I even know 15 I'm going to get back to you on this one.

Happy Friday!


  1. aww Iz honored. Thanks PIC!

  2. btw i don't like your like for bird. Birds are effing annoying. They shit on me. I like your like for tattoos though. So I accept your like for birds