Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My favorite things...

Oprah does can I.

First and foremost...
This is my child.  iPhone meet world, world meet iPhone.  It may sound pathetic, but I do not know how I survived life without my lil nug.  Has it saved my life? Nope.  Can it change a flat tire? Nope.  Can it cook me a delicious feast?  Nope.  BUT...I have WebMD to diagnose ailments (I usually think I have cancer and end up in a self-induced panic attack...whatev), I have Google to look up directions on HOW to change a tire (so I can read them to my husband and "assist" him), AND my Betty Crocker app puts plenty of meal ideas at my finger tips.  Not to mention FaceTime, Angry Birds (which has consumed my every waking moment), KAYAK, and FaceBook...  iPhone = l.o.v.e.

Coming in a close second...

Now, this is a tricky ties in 2 things that I love dearly.  Owls. and tattoos.
I love all things owl...especially jewelry!  And tattoos...well I have many and have no intention of stopping any time soon (sorry Mom).  This lovely lady was brought into my life on my recent trip to my next favorite thing...

Las Vegas!!!  Land of drunken nights, strippers, dancing, and totally mayhem wonders!!!  I'm sure if I LIVED there it wouldn't be such an adventure, but living close enough to drive there for a weekend makes it awfully enticing.  :)  I have 2 trips there up my skirt under my belt, and at LEAST one more this year with Megs!!  We will be running a half marathon in Vegas in December and then unleashing our awesome selves on the Strip for a recreation of the 2-1-3!!

Next up...LEGGINGS!
I wear these little goodies EVERYDAY...if I don't pair them with a dress and sweater for work, I wear them with tshirts on the weekends.  Love love love them...can't live without them...well I would be able to LIVE without them, but I wouldn't be happy about it.  The best leggings I have found came from Express.  They have a snug fitting wide waistband (flattens the stomach a smidge) and they do NOT ride up.  Cheaper leggings tend to stretch as the day goes on and need to be tugged down below the knee.  Express leggings stay put all day and are SUPER comfortable.

No, not for bread, but toasters on wheels. Stella.  :)

She's my denim dreamboat!  She's the first car I've bought 100% MYSELF...and not only does that give me such a huge feeling of pride, but it makes me love her even more.
This is exactly what Stella looks like, stripes and all (a girl needs accessories).  Nerdy?  Sure...but she stands out in a crowd!

Sorry, I don't have giveaways like Oprah...

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