Thursday, February 10, 2011

MJ + Glee = happiness in my loins

Oh happy dayyyy!!!!!!!!  Last week, Glee came back to my life.  After the cast dealt with a laryngitis EPIDEMIC, they took a brief hiatus...crushing my soul and leaving me in a deep dark pit of doom and despair bummer.  The first episode back they paid tribute to my lover, Michael Jackson.  Sure he's a creepy little baby toucher but I find him oddly sexual and the music speaks for itself.  In THIS episode, the rivalry between footballers and Glee club hits an alltime high, while the Cheerios are up for a record 7th national title.  Coach Beast makes the glorious decision that her footballers should join the Glee club :) and Sue schedules the Cheerios competition the SAME DAY as the "big game" leaving them without a halftime show...bitch.  AND the footballers decide they hate Glee (duh) and they quit, and get kicked off the team.  **Spoiler alert!** The Glee ladies join the football team, the Cheerios ladies quit the squad, and the footballers agree to join the halftime all ignited in an MJ, Glee, "Heads Will Roll" explosion that left happiness in my loins a real big smile on my face.  :)  Here's another picture for your viewing pleasure.

My life = joyous.

On an even happier note...ole nug was put to rest last night and the helpful souls at Best Buy helped me pick out a nice replacement.
World, meet my new lil to be determined.

Ain't she purdy :)
So, the trials and tribulations of dealing with ole nug really were worth it...and it's the best proof I can find that buying the extended warranties on electronics IS the best idea.  My extended warranty paid for itself 4 times over on the Toshiba.  Since they junked it out, I got this one for only the price of a warranty!  Hell to the yeah!

Today = happy day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My favorite things...

Oprah does can I.

First and foremost...
This is my child.  iPhone meet world, world meet iPhone.  It may sound pathetic, but I do not know how I survived life without my lil nug.  Has it saved my life? Nope.  Can it change a flat tire? Nope.  Can it cook me a delicious feast?  Nope.  BUT...I have WebMD to diagnose ailments (I usually think I have cancer and end up in a self-induced panic attack...whatev), I have Google to look up directions on HOW to change a tire (so I can read them to my husband and "assist" him), AND my Betty Crocker app puts plenty of meal ideas at my finger tips.  Not to mention FaceTime, Angry Birds (which has consumed my every waking moment), KAYAK, and FaceBook...  iPhone = l.o.v.e.

Coming in a close second...

Now, this is a tricky ties in 2 things that I love dearly.  Owls. and tattoos.
I love all things owl...especially jewelry!  And tattoos...well I have many and have no intention of stopping any time soon (sorry Mom).  This lovely lady was brought into my life on my recent trip to my next favorite thing...

Las Vegas!!!  Land of drunken nights, strippers, dancing, and totally mayhem wonders!!!  I'm sure if I LIVED there it wouldn't be such an adventure, but living close enough to drive there for a weekend makes it awfully enticing.  :)  I have 2 trips there up my skirt under my belt, and at LEAST one more this year with Megs!!  We will be running a half marathon in Vegas in December and then unleashing our awesome selves on the Strip for a recreation of the 2-1-3!!

Next up...LEGGINGS!
I wear these little goodies EVERYDAY...if I don't pair them with a dress and sweater for work, I wear them with tshirts on the weekends.  Love love love them...can't live without them...well I would be able to LIVE without them, but I wouldn't be happy about it.  The best leggings I have found came from Express.  They have a snug fitting wide waistband (flattens the stomach a smidge) and they do NOT ride up.  Cheaper leggings tend to stretch as the day goes on and need to be tugged down below the knee.  Express leggings stay put all day and are SUPER comfortable.

No, not for bread, but toasters on wheels. Stella.  :)

She's my denim dreamboat!  She's the first car I've bought 100% MYSELF...and not only does that give me such a huge feeling of pride, but it makes me love her even more.
This is exactly what Stella looks like, stripes and all (a girl needs accessories).  Nerdy?  Sure...but she stands out in a crowd!

Sorry, I don't have giveaways like Oprah...

The Laptop from HELL

And here is the culprit...

This little nugget of technological SHIT has been the bane of my existence for the last 2 years...

Before the laptop, I had a Dell desktop that was lovingly referred to as The Beast.  Beast took much abuse over my college career and lasted another year after...sure, she was slow and obviously took a few beatings...but she was Beast. 
Once hubs (at that time just my "friend" and possibly more) and I started talking a little more seriously, he deployed (of course) so it seemed like the appropriate time to put Beast to rest and invest in something shiny and new.
After much investigation, and several trips to Best Buy with my dad around my finger on my arm, I settled on the little beauty above.  It worked GREAT for about a year, soon as I moved to this cursed state Utah it took a crap.  I have been through 3 harddrives in a year, 1 cd drive, and a keyboard. 
It's currently at the computer doctor and I'm awaiting news on it's health...hopefully I will just be getting a new one now that this one is technically considered a "lemon"...i.e. a giant piece of technological SHIT.

In OTHER news... I'M GOING HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME in less than a week!!!  I bought my return flight today, talked with my dad about final plans, and in less than 1 week, HELLO ILLINOIS.  Hello frigid cold, way too much snow, nothing but BORING as far as the eye can see...and these lovely faces...

Brudder, future sister, the one who bore me from her loins, big poppa, other brudder.

Ivy Jean :)
 Definitely worth long layovers and freezing temps...I'd travel to the end of the world for them.  :)

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My 2 Cents Monday

Wellllllll I suppose this entire blog is really "my 2 cents" but I am feeling opinionated today so from here on out I am picking Monday's to be my overly opinionated day.


M's birthday is TODAY!!!  Happy 26th Birthday to my beautiful friend!!
In celebration of her day, we made Saturday night our girls night out and did dinner and a movie.  Yummy Italian cuisine and No Strings Attached.
HIL-AR-I-OUS!  Many a one-liner I plan on adding to my already witty repertoire (yesssss I Meriam Webstered...yes I spelled it right).  My girl crush cup overfloweth with Natalie Portman yumminess....even her adorable preggo self is still smokin!
I mean seriously, check her out...
Hot mama!

Since today is the day I've deemed as the day I can say whatever the hell I's an ode to men.
Oh yes, I am married.  And oh yes, I caught hubster in a liar liar pants on fire moment this weekend.  What's THE POINT in lying????????????  Women are savvy, we find things out whether you think we will or not.  It's like a gift God gave us as his apology for our monthly friend.
Children lie for many reasons...I remember being a child and lying about who broke what toy and who left the pudding pack on the carpet that of course spilled the second we walked was usually a sibling that took the blame.  When I was 7, I threw a temper tantrum and broke my bedroom father watched the whole thing (unbeknownst to me).  I remember trying to explain to him a whirlwind story about things falling off shelves and hitting the window and me not being able to stop it from happening...and it only ended in me getting sent to bed early for, like, a friggin month.  What was the point????  The fact of the matter is, I was 7...probably should have known better, yet still a child.
But adults are supposed to take the high road.  Adults are supposed to have grown out of the child phase and learn/remember the lessons taught to us as children.  "Children want to be grown up"...yep...but do adults wants to be children?  No.  Then why act like it?

I'm ready to go back to Vegas...anyone in?

Friday, February 4, 2011

My first award!

Not too long ago, a certain college "friend" got married...and, Megs and I being the stalkers we are are really good at loving people from a distance.  Megs has been bugging me (in a really nice, loving, and sweet friendly way OBV) to send her pictures.  Our first attempt at picture viewing failed since accessing someone else's FaceBook is about as easy as walking through the doors of the Pentagon naked with bombs covering the important parts.  So yesterday, Megs resorted to bribery offering me something in return for the pictures...a "surprise"...I like surprises :)
I carefully selected my "favorite" pictures, click click boom...where's my surprise biotch????

To reward my efforts I received the following...
An email that reads as follows... "umm she looks old.  She doesn't look like she lost that much weight.  She looks orange.  I hate the flowers.  That is all"  {Have I mentioned how much I adore this girl??}

And this!
My first blog award!!!!
What a good surprise!

Ok, so here are the rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award

2. Post 7 facts about yourself

3. Award 15 bloggers

1. THANK YOU Megs!!  You inspired me to blog, and you are my motivation to get in shape and rip shit up in Vegas in 10 short months!!  We have such a wonderful friendship that has been tested many times and still survived...everytime I listen to NSYNC or use highlighters I think of you, as well as when I get "migraines", think about "coitus", run into something, or get hit with a blast of cold water!  The #2 button on elevators also brings back fond memories.  :)  LOVE YOU!

Now for some facts about lil ole me...
1.  I LOVE birds, and much that I now have 3 bird tattoos!
2.  I'm a godmother to the sweetest little sugar in the world  :)  She sings me songs, licks playdoh, and says "peace out"...what's not to love?!
3.  I drive a toaster.
4.  I am a military wife  :)  and when military wives say "for better or worse", boy do we mean it.
5.  I cuss like a sailor, and can drink like a fish, but being in love and having a wonderful home and family of my own mean everything in the world to me....just call me the tipsy housewife 
6.  Moving across the country was THE single hardest thing I've done in my life, but surviving it meant I found some of the most beautiful friendships I've ever had.
7.  Applesauce, string cheese, and wine make up 75% of my diet.

Now to award bloggers....since I'm so new to this...I am not sure I even know 15 I'm going to get back to you on this one.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have I mentioned...

...that I love living in the mountains?  :)

While my entire family is facing over 20 inches of snow, this is the view from my window at work.

Jealous, family?  :)