Monday, February 7, 2011

My 2 Cents Monday

Wellllllll I suppose this entire blog is really "my 2 cents" but I am feeling opinionated today so from here on out I am picking Monday's to be my overly opinionated day.


M's birthday is TODAY!!!  Happy 26th Birthday to my beautiful friend!!
In celebration of her day, we made Saturday night our girls night out and did dinner and a movie.  Yummy Italian cuisine and No Strings Attached.
HIL-AR-I-OUS!  Many a one-liner I plan on adding to my already witty repertoire (yesssss I Meriam Webstered...yes I spelled it right).  My girl crush cup overfloweth with Natalie Portman yumminess....even her adorable preggo self is still smokin!
I mean seriously, check her out...
Hot mama!

Since today is the day I've deemed as the day I can say whatever the hell I's an ode to men.
Oh yes, I am married.  And oh yes, I caught hubster in a liar liar pants on fire moment this weekend.  What's THE POINT in lying????????????  Women are savvy, we find things out whether you think we will or not.  It's like a gift God gave us as his apology for our monthly friend.
Children lie for many reasons...I remember being a child and lying about who broke what toy and who left the pudding pack on the carpet that of course spilled the second we walked was usually a sibling that took the blame.  When I was 7, I threw a temper tantrum and broke my bedroom father watched the whole thing (unbeknownst to me).  I remember trying to explain to him a whirlwind story about things falling off shelves and hitting the window and me not being able to stop it from happening...and it only ended in me getting sent to bed early for, like, a friggin month.  What was the point????  The fact of the matter is, I was 7...probably should have known better, yet still a child.
But adults are supposed to take the high road.  Adults are supposed to have grown out of the child phase and learn/remember the lessons taught to us as children.  "Children want to be grown up"...yep...but do adults wants to be children?  No.  Then why act like it?

I'm ready to go back to Vegas...anyone in?


  1. Done! and thank you for not being a spoiler

  2. I would never :)
    But go see it soon so we can recap. Kthanks.