Thursday, February 10, 2011

MJ + Glee = happiness in my loins

Oh happy dayyyy!!!!!!!!  Last week, Glee came back to my life.  After the cast dealt with a laryngitis EPIDEMIC, they took a brief hiatus...crushing my soul and leaving me in a deep dark pit of doom and despair bummer.  The first episode back they paid tribute to my lover, Michael Jackson.  Sure he's a creepy little baby toucher but I find him oddly sexual and the music speaks for itself.  In THIS episode, the rivalry between footballers and Glee club hits an alltime high, while the Cheerios are up for a record 7th national title.  Coach Beast makes the glorious decision that her footballers should join the Glee club :) and Sue schedules the Cheerios competition the SAME DAY as the "big game" leaving them without a halftime show...bitch.  AND the footballers decide they hate Glee (duh) and they quit, and get kicked off the team.  **Spoiler alert!** The Glee ladies join the football team, the Cheerios ladies quit the squad, and the footballers agree to join the halftime all ignited in an MJ, Glee, "Heads Will Roll" explosion that left happiness in my loins a real big smile on my face.  :)  Here's another picture for your viewing pleasure.

My life = joyous.

On an even happier note...ole nug was put to rest last night and the helpful souls at Best Buy helped me pick out a nice replacement.
World, meet my new lil to be determined.

Ain't she purdy :)
So, the trials and tribulations of dealing with ole nug really were worth it...and it's the best proof I can find that buying the extended warranties on electronics IS the best idea.  My extended warranty paid for itself 4 times over on the Toshiba.  Since they junked it out, I got this one for only the price of a warranty!  Hell to the yeah!

Today = happy day.

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  1. ummm
    1)I can't wait for MJ Cirque.
    2) I'm glad you are home but I'm gonna need you to come back.
    3)i tagged you in a handwriting blog. You know where to find it yo.
    4) can you tell I'm trying to get you more followers by exploiting you on my blog? You iz welcome!