Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's an Addiction

"I don't even want to see the damage you're going to do right now" says my husband as we walk to my favorite clothing store :)

**I will add that beforehand we stopped at the jewelry store where hubs gets all my jewelry to have my engagement ring and wedding band cleaned...I always have massive anxiety doing this thinking that if I leave them there to soak and be cleaned really well that they will forget who I am and not give me my rings back...I survived, but not without almost chewing a fingernail off while waiting...**

He then makes the smart decision to go on his merry way and leave me to my happy moment.
I have really wanted to update my spring wardrobe and while I have many of the basics, I needed a few fun things...
In addition to a pair of studded flats, 3 patterned dresses, new lighter wash skinnies, a white cardigan, 2 light fitting crop cardigans, and a light green peasanty top...I wanted a new watch and belt....

...then threw in a necklace for good measure :)
Lots of money spent...happy wife, happy life.

As another sidenote...scented nailpolish, while good in theory, will only give you a buzz when you aren't asking for one...

I finally got around to watching Tuesday's episode of Glee :)  "Sexy"
I'm not sure when sex and drinking became Glee worthy subjects, but ever since the Michael Jackson/Yeah Yeah Yeahs mashup I really don't feel arguing their decision-making abilities is appropriate...clearly, they're geniuses.

Things currently making my life happy are:
2) Making birthday cards as awesome as this one
3) Bellas fashion sense

4) girl scout cookies

5) Being GREEN and starting a carpool with coworkers!

Happy Thursday!  <3

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