Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1!

Today is the day!
I let myself have chips last night as a treat before cutting them out of my life for the next month (and possibly beyond!)...and woke up this morning ready to take on this challenge!

This morning consisted of weighing myself (which put me in tears after realizing I had gained back all the weight I had worked so hard to lose 2 years ago), taking my measurements (even my wrists and ankles??? pretty sure those guys aren't going anywhere), and recording everything so my wellness coach could use it to give me my plan of action.

I made it small on purpose!  Can't read these numbers!
Unfortunately I also had to take a "before" picture.  Despite any embarrassment this may cause me, I'm going to post it to motivate myself and hopefully show really positive results.  Hopefully it will also show that this isn't just something I'm doing for fun, I'm doing it to become more healthy since all my weight falls in areas that can have a major impact on heart health, and feel better about myself...given the stress I've been facing the last several months it's about damn time I did something to bring about a positive self image.  Negative comments can be kept quiet please and thank you :)

Ignore scary morning face, and messy laundry area ;)

I also got to start making my shakes and taking the vitamins and supplements...
When picking out what 2 flavors of shakes I'll take, I wanted to make sure they would combine well with a variety of flavors...a month of all the same shit will make me go nuts.
I went with chocolate and vanilla...both go well with fruits, grains, nuts, and peanut butter :)
In addition to shakes and vitamins, there is an herbal tea concentrate that I'll take 3 times a day.  I'm not thrilled with how it tastes, but B and I discovered if we take it like a shot it's pretty tolerable ;)

So this morning, my breakfast consisted of the following:
along with a multivitamin, cellular therepy, and cell-u-loss.
Doesn't really look like much but I used a little more soy milk than it called for and was surprisingly full afterwards.
Lunch was similar.
Dinner was on my own.
Snacks in between.

My meals broke down like this:
Breakfast: chocolate healthy meal shake with 8oz soy milk and 1/2 cup raspberries
Snack: 1 string cheese and 1/4 cup raw almonds
Lunch: vanilla healthy meal shake with 1/3 cup oats, half a banana, and 1/4 raspberries
Snack: 1 string cheese and a hard boiled egg
Dinner: 2 whole wheat pita halves, both with 2 tbsp lowfat skim mozzarella and 1 tbsp fat free italian dresseing...1 with half an avocado and 1 with 1/3 cup fresh mushrooms
Snack: edamame
**Each meal was paired with vitamins and herbal tea concentrate.

I wasn't very good at tracking how many ounces of water I drank, but it was 4 water bottles (the nalgene kind) full.  (I swear to god I peed every 5 minutes...driving me crazy, but I'll adjust.)

All in all, I'd say today was a success, and all I can do is take this day by day!

About an hour after posting, I started feeling pretty achey and nauseous...I texted my wellness coach to see if this is a normal thing and I was assured it's normal and a sign that the body has started detoxing...yay?


  1. GOOOOOOOO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. love the new layout. Where's Day 2? Get it done!