Sunday, March 13, 2011


So I'm making a commitment to myself and to taking the steps towards a healthy life.

I have been bad to myself for a while now...unhealthy foods, very very little exercise, and it's not right.  I have to forfeit the right to complain that my clothes don't fit, and about always being tired. 

A coworker of mine started using Herbalife products about a month ago and loved the results so much that he is now a wellness coach and has been spending time talking about it with me and B.  Yesterday he had a shake party at his house and B and I went to scope it out and see if it was worth giving a shot.

I start my first month tomorrow!  I'm so excited!
For the next little bit I'll be blogging about my experience with Herbalife and tracking my results...I could be setting myself up for embarrassment but it's worth a shot right??

Wish me luck!!

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