Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh are my playground

Sin City has a name for a reason :)

One of the best perks of living where I do is the closeness to things that are inherently better than where we are.  Sure, Utah is pretty, but at the risk of sounding like a jerk...I'm reminded daily that it is the most overly-religious population on the planet.  A girl needs a little debauchery fun sometimes!

M, B, R, and I hit the Strip for 3 glorious days of shopping, dancing, and cocktails. 
On the drive down, B mentioned that she's always wanted to get a tattoo but would never want to get one in didn't take much to convince me to get another one...and R was also along for the adventure.  As soon as we mustered up the courage (in the form of vodka cocktails) and dolled up, M jumped on her handy dandy iPhone, hailed a cab, and off we went to Ironhorse Tattoos.
End result?
We love!
I have a hard time giving the go ahead to small tattoos, so I went with a slightly larger than planned owl :)

The rest of the weekend is a dizzying circus of total girlie-fied bliss, with some events leaving only pictures as proof :)

B, M, R, and myself on the strip
B and I gettin slizzard
B and I again

Second day, still riding the high :)
Hef can't handle this mess
Three days later, we are still busting a gut over the ridiculousness, and bandaging the blisters from dancing in stilletos on stages...all while celebrating the fact that we destroyed decorated our hotel room with glitter from unknown places, drank our weight in vodka shots, and came out of this trip an even tighter group of girlfriends than we imagined!


  1. I'm glad you had a great time love. Vegas is going to be our CIRCUS in december! Can we request room 213 from whatever hotel?

  2. for the record, I just popped your (blog) cherry, again!